Believers School

The Believers School of Ministry in Mankato, Minnesota.

Training Ordinary People to Extraordinary Things

Basic Training In:

Reaching the Lost
Moving in the Spirit
Healing The Sick

Dear Pastor, a great untapped resource is sitting in front of you each Sunday morning—the people of your church. Properly trained, equipped and encouraged, your people can reach your community and change the world.

The Believers School of Ministry will equip your people to share their faith and to use the gifts that God has given them to help others. The purpose of these seminars is to motivate and activate God’s people to DO the work of the ministry.

Seminars can be held on a weekend or evenings or in conjunction with evangelistic/healing services. After each lesson, there are practice sessions where students can put what they have learned into action through role playing and actual ministry encounters.

Introduction to Ministry 101


  • Lesson 1—Discovering New Life in Christ
  • Lesson 2—Sharing Your Faith as a Lifestyle
  • Lesson 3—Building a Foundation for Faith
  • Lesson 4—Nurturing New Believers

Practice Sessions—Witnessing & Leading People to Christ


  • Lesson 5—Receiving Power to Change the World
  • Lesson 6—Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit
  • Lesson 7—Moving in the Gifts of the Spirit
  • Lesson 8—Hearing God’s Voice

Practice Sessions—Hearing God’s Voice


  • Lesson 9—Doing the Works of Jesus
  • Lesson 10—Healing the Sick
  • Lesson 11—Using Your Authority in Christ
  • Lesson 12—Bringing Healing to Families, Communities, & Nations

Practice Sessions—Ministering to the Sick

VARIETY PACK OPTION—Let us know how we can tailor a seminar by choosing the lessons that best meet the needs of your congregation.

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Testimonies from the Believers School of Ministry

“Excellent sessions. Stirred up the need to be witnesses in our area.”

“The school has taught me that with God’s help and the Holy Spirit, I can reach out to others and win the lost.”

“I can share the Gospel with the world in great boldness.”

‘A great encouragement.”

“It helped me to want to share Christ with others, and gave me a ways of doing this. It was inspiring and I am so glad that I attended.”

“It has strengthened my faith and most of all helped me and clarified with solid steps how to lead others to the Lord. It has shown me how all I have been learning in church, Bible study and  from others can blossom and bring forth fruit.”

“I have had a lot of time to ponder my life and this class gave me many things to think about that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

“It is a good place to develop our own local church.”

“Gives us hope and strength for the future, Heaven!”

“Gave me a push.”

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