Believers School

The Believers School of Ministry in Mankato, Minnesota.

Introduction to Ministry 101

The Believers School of Ministry is available to your congregation in bite-sized seminars which can be held on a weekend or in conjunction with evangelistic services. After each lesson, there are practice sessions where students can put what they have learned into action through role playing and actual ministry encounters. The purpose of these seminars is to motivate and activate God’s people to DO the work of the ministry.


  • Lesson One—Discovering New Life in Christ
  • Lesson Two—Sharing Your Faith as a Lifestyle
  • Lesson Three—Building a Foundation for Faith
  • Lesson Four—Nurturing New Believers

Practice Sessions—Witnessing & Leading People to Christ


  • Lesson Five—Receiving Power to Change the World
  • Lesson Six—Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit
  • Lesson Seven—Moving in the Gifts of the Spirit

Practice Sessions—Hearing God’s Voice


  • Lesson Eight—Healing the Sick
  • Lesson Nine—Using Your Authority in Christ
  • Lesson Ten—Bringing Healing to Families, Communities, & Nations

Practice Sessions—Ministering to the Sick

VARIETY PACK OPTION—Let us know how we can tailor a seminar by choosing the lessons that best meet the needs of your congregation.

Online Believers School of Ministry

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